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Important: W.e.f 1st July 2017, GST will be levied on Life Insurance Premium as per the applicable tax rates. To know the rate that will be applicable to your specific policy please click here

Life Insurance Tax Benefits

Tax Saving Plan For The Entire Family

A Life Insurance policy is one of the most preferred investment avenues in India as it helps in tax planning. However, when you invest in a life insurance policy, don't measure it in terms of "tax benefits"; measure it in terms of "life benefits" that it has to offer.

Your life is your greatest investment and your family is your biggest asset. And when you invest in a life insurance policy you ensure a financially secured future for your loved ones. Hence, before you invest in anything, invest in your life.

Your Life insurance policy offers you dual benefits:

  • Comprehensive financial protection against unforeseen events for your family
  • Tax benefits on your monetary investments

By investing in a Life Insurance policy, you can avail the following benefits under the Income Tax Act, 1961:

  • Deductions
  • Exemption

Deductions from gross income

Sec 80C

Deduction is available amounting to Rs. 1,50,000/-.The deduction would be available for life insurance premium paid restricted to 10% of the actual capital sum assured. Surrender of Plan before premium has been paid for two years will result in reversal of the tax benefit


  • Deduction in respect of contribution to pension funds
  • Maximum Rs. 1,00,000/-
  • Surrender/Withdrawal will be subjected to tax.
  • Pension received will be subject to tax.

Sec 80 CCE

Under Section 80CCE, the overall limit for deduction u/s 80C, u/s 80CCC and u/s 80CCD(1) is Rs. 1,50,000/-.


  • Deduction in respect of medical insurance premium
  • Individual or HUF whether resident or non resident
  • Premium can be paid by any mode other than cash
  • For individuals the maximum deduction is Rs.15,000/- and for senior citizens age 60 years and above the deduction is Rs. 20,000/-.
  • Deduction for payment made for preventive health checkup subject to maximum of Rs. 5,000/- (inclusive in the aforesaid limit of Rs. 15,000 or Rs. 20,000)
Additional deduction allowed for individuals for taking health insurance for parents as under:

  • Where parents are aged below 60 years Rs. 15,000/-
  • Where parents are aged 60 years & above Rs. 20,000/-

Exemption from the proceeds

Commuted pension: 10(10A)(iii)

Commuted Pension received from Pension fund (Pension Plans approved by IRDA) would be tax-free



  • Any sum received from Life insurance policy as maturity proceeds, death benefits is tax free subject to fulfillment of the conditions mentioned therein.
  • Proceeds of key man insurance is taxable. A keyman policy will remain keyman policy even after assignment of the policy.
  • An Insurance policy in respect of which the premium payable for any of the years during the term of the policy exceeds 10 % of the actual capital sum assured will not be eligible for Sec 10(10D) benefit. This will not be applicable for any sum received on the death of a person.

Illustration (For Men/Women below 60yrs/Sr. Citizen upto 80yrs/ Sr. Citizen above 80yrs)

Particulars Men/Women below 60yrs

Sr. Citizen

Above 60yrs- below 80yrs Above 80yrs
Gross Total Income 12,00,000 12,00,000 12,00,000
Deduction u/s. 80C 150,000 150,000 150,000
Deduction u/s. 80D 15,000 20,000 20,000
Total Taxable Income 10,35,000 10,30,000 10,30,000
Tax on Income
Upto 2.50/3.00/5.00 lakh - - -
*2.50/3.00 lakh - 5.00 lakh 25,000 20,000 -
5.00 lakh - 10.00 lakh 1,00,000 1,00,000 1,00,000
10.00 lakh - Above 10,500 9,000 9,000

1,35,500 1,29,000 1,09,000
Add: Surcharge - - -
Add: Education Cess @ 3% 4,065 3,870 3,270
Total Tax Payable 1,39,565 1,32,870 1,12,270

Note: Income tax rates are applicable for F.Y 2013-14 only.

Basic exemption limit for Men/Women below 60yrs/Sr. Citizen upto 80yrs/ Sr. Citizen above 80yrs is Rs. 2.50 Lakhs, 3.00 Lakhs & 5.00 Lakhs respectively.


  • The above are extracts from the Income Tax Act, 1961. Please note that tax laws are subject to change and hence before placing reliance on the above, the latest version of the above section should be checked up.
  • This information should be not be construed as tax, legal or investment opinion from BSLI. BSLI would not be responsible in any manner for decisions made on the basis of above information. Tax provisions provided under the said document are based on our understanding of the provisions and do not provide any tax opinion per se.
  • Please consult your tax advisor for taking the final position regarding tax provisions and their applicability. We do not accept any liability arising from the use of this document or opinions expressed in this document. The recipients of this material should rely on their own investigations

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